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12-week Compassionate Weight ProgramWhat is the Compassionate Weight Program?

I have been a health coach since 2011, and we keep asking the same questions: What should I be eating, and when, and how much? and How should I exercise, and when and how much?

I have helped people lose over 100 pounds and keep it off, and yes, they did change their diet and the ways they exercised, but what to eat and how to exercise was not what they needed to reach their goals. They needed to change their relationship with their body.

We all know that we should eat healthier and move more.

The Compassionate Weight Program is different, it helps people figure out and find solutions to the mental and emotional reasons we can’t lose the weight.

Compassionate Weight helps us not only find health, but also peace with our bodies.

I developed a program to go through 12 important topics, backed by science, that we need incorporated into our lives so that we can finally reach our goals and stay there.

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    Thoughts From Those Who Have Taken The Journey:

    I recommend this program especially for those who recognize that they tend to be harder on themselves than on others.  For those of us who think we must get it right the first time, and do it perfectly, this is the program for you.
    CW gave me an opportunity to take the time and create the space for me to find my "Home."  A place where I discovered and embraced my story and brought compassion and kindness in, to help balance my life, and become more whole and pursue a heathy mind, body, and soul.  My stress level came way down, I lost inches, and my perspective on life is now filled with hope and excitement for what lies ahead.  The focus moved from the food to living a healthy, happy, and balanced life.
    I’m naturally taking better care of my physical body because I’m learning better how to take care of my interior self. I’m exercising and eating better, and it is not a struggle because I’m taking better care of myself.
    One of the biggest take-aways from this program was that I got an opportunity to really focus on the "why."  Rather than asking, "Why do I consistently fail in my health goals?  Why do I give up so easily?  Why am I so undisciplined?"  I began to see that my self-criticism was extreme.  I would never talk to a friend that way I talk to myself!  Being compassionate to myself and recognizing that perfection is not necessary allowed my mind and emotions to feel free to respond in more positive ways.  Instead of a self-defeating attitude like, "I might as well eat that donut because I am already fat," I began to think that " I value myself too much to eat that donut today."


    Stephanie is a Health Education Specialist and Health Coach who has spent the last 9 years helping people identify and manage the underlying behavioral, emotional, and mental reasons why we put on weight.

    Her compassionate process helps people learn how to take better care of themselves on the inside, mentally and emotionally for improved physical body care.

    Learning to manage stress is one way to take care of ourselves internally so we make better choices physically.

    Stephanie Perry, MPH

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